ScoopCode: nurse with a tablet

You might be wondering what kind of information you're going to be able to enter in your ScoopCode account... I would be if I were you. Well, let me show you! If you have a smartphone or a tablet with a QR code reading app (there are plenty of those available for free, Android users try QR Droid for example, Apple users you have "QR Reader for iPhone", both are free), scan this card...

janemay card

This is a demo profile, the information presented isn't that of a real person of course. If you do not have a mobile phone or tablet handy, simply click here to visit this profile on your computer. In either case, you'll need the access code mentioned on the card of course.

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"Do you think you and your family are insured enough? [...] No matter how much your health policy covers, you and your family still don't have the most important insurance of them all. ScoopCode is an absolute must-have among people and families that takes their security serious because every second after an accident or any other life threatening incident counts.
Thank you for this awesome product!"

Jimmy Bredesen [read more]